Super Tuesday Anticipation is Killing Me, But Not As Much As Election Night Coverage Kills Me

I know I’ve gotten semi-political over the last few posts, but it’s because the intensity of the ’08 primary season is making me giddy, nervous, hopeful, and overall, sending me on a little bit of a roller coaster ride.

Super Tuesday is on the way, and with that, there will be a marathon watching of MSNBC (if you look at my last post, you’ll see why I’m not watching CNN.  By the way, I sent a very polite complaint e-mail to CNN and never got a response — no, I’m not being sarcastic, like I usually am…it was quite polite, I swear).  Super Tuesday is kind of like my Superbowl, which will have preceded this two days before.  And since I’m a Giants fan (and a Tom Petty fan for that matter — he’ll be performing during the halftime show), I’m kind of in my Super Glory.

But the election coverage, with all the pundits, is mindnumbingly boring.  You know, how they talk and talk and talk about the same things, and then they bring in Pat Buchanan, who likely shouldn’t talk.  He gets into a fight with Rachel Maddow, then Chris Matthews says something that gives you a brain aneurysm, then they go to their consultants who have usually endorsed a candidate and we hear spin, then they hide the exit polls from us as if we can’t really comprehend things or understand the idea that it’s just a poll.  The schtick is getting boring — which means I’ve been looking for something new to augment those occasional, excruciating moments.  And following a few live-blogs are nice, but they still leave my political belly hungry.

My good friend David Wescott to the rescue.  He and the team at Virtual Vantage Points (an APCO blog that collects feeds, mashes them up, and spits out really interesting community text clouds — with expert commentary on “what’s going on” in these communities from the bird’s-eye perspective) will be live-blogging the events.  The Super Team will consist of former Vice President G.H.W. Bush’s Chief of Staff (Craig Fuller), a former deputy White House press secretary (B. Jay Cooper), and a former ambassador (Marc Ginsberg) — and of course, my good friend and ever-partner-in-crime, David Wescott.  I think that’s a pretty sweet collection of people.

What’s even cooler — and keeps with the “bird’s eye analysis” of Virtual Vantage Points — is that they’ll also be live-blogging the live-bloggers from across the web and live-tweeting the live-tweets.  Give them a “follow” on Twitter at

I think it’s a great opportunity to get the best-of-the-best, and I’m looking forward to hearing some new (and very welcomed) perspectives.

~ by Brad Levinson on February 1, 2008.

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