CNN: Send Us Your Racist Comments, We’ll Post Them On Our Site!

While CNN has been falling out of favor with me (I find them to be extremely sensationalistic, which is why I now gravitate towards MSNBC), I tend to alternate between and throughout the day to find quick news updates. When I headed over to that site just a few moments ago, I found myself some nuggets of pure racist gold.

As part of their I-Report project, where CNN solicits content from their users, they occasionally write “news stories” that are a collection of comments that they receive. Because when I think breaking hard news, I think of an ensemble of demented comments from the readers of

Today, CNN asked their users to submit their reactions towards Ted Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama. Naturally, in order for these reactions to be published, you’d think that these comments would a) be on the topic with Ted Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama (hence the title of the story, “ users react to Kennedy backing Obama”), or that b) they’d be appropriate.

No. Apparently, that would be giving CNN too much credit.

Take a look at this gem that they actually posted:

“Arnold Burton: ‘No wonder Obama won in South Carolina. Fifty percent of the voters were black. The African-Americans of South Carolina would vote for any black, no matter what lack of experience the candidate possesses.'”

Or this one:

“Eric Woodruff: ‘Obama has all the support he needs from the elitists in the media. There is not one single candidate who gets as much media support as him. … Is it because of the issues he champions? Is it because he supports universal health care? No, its not any of those reasons. The media supports him for one single reason. That reason is this: He is black.'”

Here’s what I want to know: why is CNN allowing their website to be used as a forum to promote racism? Why are they allowing the kind of comments that insinuate that “black” people’s votes don’t count as much as “white” people’s votes or that their opinions should matter less? It’s despicable, pure and simple.

Also, the last time I checked, Barack Obama is bi-racial, and is just as “white” as he is “black.” Just wanted to throw that in there, too, since this is apparently a concept that many people — including CNN — cannot grasp.

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~ by Brad Levinson on January 29, 2008.

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