Can’t Misses for December 10th

And just as soon as the weekend approaches,  it’s gone.

A few things that have my attention this morning:

1. Andrew Sullivan: One Way To Look At The Election: Andrew Sullivan takes a similar look at Google Trends, Ron Paul and Hillary Clinton.

2. The McCain campaign releases a Keynote presentation of their strategy: I’ve seen a few of these out there, mainly for “screencasts”  that demonstrate how a new software works.  This style of screencast/presentation hybrid, I feel, is going to become increasingly popular.  It’s a great way to share information, have it feel interactive, and keep the attention of an audience (and truth be told, I’m working on a few of these types of things myself).

3. New York Times: TiVo Shifts to Help Companies It Once Threatened: An interesting piece about TiVo’s new strategies, as it branches from a box-top to a company that also focuses on just distributing its amazing software, as well.  I’m a TiVo user (TiVo TiVo, not just my cable company’s DVR), and I also own TiVo stock in a fantasy stock market game that I play with friends (yes, you read that correctly).

4.  The Buzz Bin: Convergence:  The cries of bloggers against PR have been growing as of late, and naturally there’s been some great coverage on the subject (from big names like Boing Boing to my buddies and Twitter friends like David Wescott, Susan Getgood and Geoff Livingston, who all cover these subjects so well.  This morning, Geoff does a great wrap-up (with his great insight, of course), with this great quote:

“Marketing needs transactions, but as we have seen, forcing this doesn’t work. More than ever permission (a result of goodwill) must occur before marketing occurs.”

This makes me think of a much-needed post: the differences and similarities I’ve begun to experience between PR blogger relations and political blogger relations.  Hmmmm…

~ by Brad Levinson on December 10, 2007.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Brad.

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