UPDATE: In July, Rudy Said He’d Never Back the Sox

An update to my previous coverage around this.  David Saltonstall of the New York Daily News is reporting that in July, Giluiani said he’d never be able to root for the Sox:

 “Last July, The Providence Journal asked the former mayor this fateful question: If the Devil said you can be President if you become a Red Sox fan, would you do it?

‘I’m a Yankee fan,’ Giuliani replied then. ‘I always believe it’s a sign of my being straight with people, about not wanting to fool them, that I was one of the first mayors to be willing to say I was a Yankee fan.’

He went on to say he had ‘great respect’ for true Red Sox fans, but as for becoming a Red Sox cheerleader in a Devil’s bargain, ‘Probably that’s a deal I could not make,’ he said.”

Let me speak for all Yankees fans when I say this: what a putz.

~ by Brad Levinson on October 25, 2007.

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