Rudy roots for the Sox? What is that?

This from one of my favorite Yankee blogs, Pinstripe Alley. I’m following Yankees news quite intensely over the last few days, as they hunt for a new manager (I’m fine with either Joe Girardi or Don Mattingly).

Yankee Flipper

What do I see today?:

“In an act of baseball blasphemy, Yankee die-hard Rudy Giuliani said Tuesday he’s pulling for the Boston Red Sox to win the World Series over the Colorado Rockies.

‘I’m rooting for the Red Sox,’ the Republican presidential contender said in response to a question, sparking applause at the Boston restaurant where he was picking up a local endorsement.

‘I’m an American League fan, and I go with the American League team, maybe with the exception of the Mets,’ he said. ‘Maybe that would be the one time I wouldn’t because I’m loyal to New York.'”

I’m willing to bet that it has something to do with a certain primary contest in New Hampshire. Because no real, self-respecting Yankee fan would ever root for the Red Sox. Ever ever. Ever ever!

I ask you, what is that?

Oh, and go Rockies.

UPDATE: Mitt Romney took a swipe at Giuliani this morning on this one. According to NBC/National Journal, Romney asked a NH crowd, “Anyone here a Red Sox fan?,” asked if any of those fans were also a Yankees fan, and finished by saying, “You’re one or the other, but probably not both, right?”

~ by Brad Levinson on October 24, 2007.

2 Responses to “Rudy roots for the Sox? What is that?”

  1. So Brad re-discovers his blog, and starts back up with go rockies?


    and if the yankees #1 fan can cross over so easily, what does that say for the rest of you punks?

  2. […] update to my previous coverage around this.  David Saltonstall of the New York Daily News is reporting that in July, Giluiani […]

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