Thank You, GOP Candidates, For Giving Us The Next Generation As Your People Work Tirelessly to Close The Gap

As being widely reported by both Patrick Ruffini and David All, Rudy Giuliani and possibly Mitt Romney are bailing on the GOP version of the CNN/YouTube debate. On behalf of the entire Democratic party, I’d like to personally thank Rudy and Mitt at this point. Thank you, for doing the following:

    • Alienating your Internet base of support — a great source of money: David All has been trying to work to close the gap in Internet donations, thereby giving you a new source of fundraising. But now, you’ve dissed this entire channel. No money for you. Way to affect your bottom line. I thought Romney was a businessman. Now I know that he’s a bad businessman.
    • Insulting the citizens: YouTube is where the people are. By stating, as Romney has, that the videos (namely the “snowman question”) aren’t up to presidential standards, you imply that you don’t want to take questions from the citizens. That’s just ridiculous. Did Clinton argue that the MTV “boxers or briefs” question in 1992 wasn’t on a “higher level”? No, he rolled with it, and it’s now a classic. Ever think that answering offbeat questions in an endearing way can improve your favorable ratings? In 15 years, we might still be talking about that snowman, and your candidacy for president will have long been forgotten.
    • Giving the next generation to the Democrats: Why not just concede the next cycle now? And the next? Really — why go where the young people are, when you can just debate on FOX News, right? Might work great for the primaries, when it’s your base, but ever think that the Democrats and the Independents make up 66% of the electorate, and that they don’t really like watching FOX News?

Here I was, all this time, thinking that the GOP was making strides in the right direction. I was almost worried. My GOP friends have been working tirelessly, absolutely tirelessly, to close this gap, and they’ve been doing a great job. To me, the most amazing thing is that I just can’t fathom why they’d bail on this debate. Was there any calculation in this decision, or was it just a gut, visceral “I hate the Interwebz!” reaction? It’s not only a gigantic leap backwards, it’s a slap in the face to those who are trying to help you. Listen to them. They’re not crazy, I swear.

Rudy and Mitt, if you’re not going to attend this debate, just delete your YouTube accounts now. Why even bother? If you’re not going to reciprocate, why even try? And then, YouTube will be filled with things like this, and you will lose:

Godspeed, my GOP candidates, godspeed. Joe Trippi thought these guys were in trouble before. I wonder what he thinks now. These GOP candidates just…don’t get it.

~ by Brad Levinson on July 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “Thank You, GOP Candidates, For Giving Us The Next Generation As Your People Work Tirelessly to Close The Gap”

  1. Absolutely correct! Great post! I agree about this essentially giving the democrats the youth & Gen-X vote should one of the abscentees win the GOP nominations. I find it odd that he suggests the debates or at least the now infamous snowman question were undignified and unpresidential. There are a couple of compelling reasons for Romney to demonstrate his high level of presidential decorum and dignity by attending the debates and don’t rely on questionable appeals to indeterminate name calling:
    • The debate is the sin de qua of the democratic process and our Constitutional free speech guarantees.
    • Presidential action that displays a strident and unrelenting courgage and fearlessness in the face of media insults be they from late night comedy or politically interested internet geeks. That is the steel girded backbone Lincoln and all of our greatest leaders exhibited on a daily basis.
    • Being an active part of the conversation is the absolute prequisite to authenticity and our respect.
    • Avoid alienating YouTube community and the heightened risk of retaliatory mash ups that make you and your supporters look like oafs.
    • Free media coverage. Bling. Bling. Mr. President. Your campaign coffers and supporters will appreciate them apples.
    • Listening to the American public and learning about the issues, if that’s important on your unilateral agenda.
    • Freely admitting that in the 21st century the true and robust dignity of our presidential office is sufficiently resiliant enough to withstand an army of YouTube videos.

    For more commentary…check out my blog post @ compassion in politics below…
    Nice blog & great interface…look forward to the conversation…

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