Why Can’t Facebook Just Be The Next Facebook?

Yesterday, I was in a brainstorm, and I pre-empted one of my ideas by saying something along the lines of, “okay all, you’re going to laugh, but this is going to be the one time I’m allowed to use this word, without it being a buzzword, and actually having a strategic reasoning…


Perhaps you’ve heard of it.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it long, long before other people started talking about it, and people accused others of being victims of Shiny Object Syndrome.   Perhaps you’ve been using it for a few years before everyone else, and just sit back and watch all the fuss.

For instance, did you know that Facebook is the next Microsoft?  Or that it’s the next Google?   I didn’t.  All this time, I thought I was using Facebook because I liked it because it was Facebook.  But who knew?

What if we just let it be what it is, and we just wait and see what happens?  No?

Facebook is not the next Microsoft.  Facebook is about people and relationships.  Microsoft is about software.

Facebook is not the next Google.  Google is about seeking out information that is new to you.  Facebook is about staying connected with people and things you already know, or know by association.

Facebook is Facebook.

~ by Brad Levinson on July 20, 2007.

One Response to “Why Can’t Facebook Just Be The Next Facebook?”

  1. Facebook is growing organically, plain and simple.

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