Morning Links for July 11th

1. Time’s “5 Worst Websites” Rankings: Very fun read, and the commentary is fairly valuable. They rank the top five as eHarmony, EVite, Meez, MySpace (clutter and marketers to blame) and Second Life.

Key quote:

“…Things have taken an ugly turn, and we’re not just talking about poor page design. It seems the community has become infested with marketers and other opportunists who create false profiles and essentially spam other users, all under the guise of ‘making friends.’ Of course, there have always been loads of MySpace profiles of fictional characters, created to help market a movie or promote some other brand. But it’s the bait-and-switch tactics from these leeches (Want to be my friend? Buy a ring tone! Fill out this survey!) that have taken things to a whole new—and sad—level.”

2. TVNewser: Aaron Brown Talks About…TV News: Former competent CNN news anchor Aaron Brown discusses the “CNN effect” and what, exactly, constitutes as “news” today.  Very nice perspective on an issue that I often worry about.

~ by Brad Levinson on July 11, 2007.

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