This Week’s Theme: Visual Learning and the ‘Net

In my past life (circa two years ago), I was a diligent student of psychology. It’s since been incorporated into my thoughts about the ‘net and its structure, and usage. One of my biggest interests has been how learning takes place on the Internet, and “incidental learning” on the web was the good ole masters thesis.

Needless to say, it’s one of the subjects that I’m always looking out for, and I’ve decided to make this my “topic of the week.” Who knows — if all works out to plan (which it usually doesn’t), I may even make a screencast about learning and RSS.

Over the last few days, “learning” has become a bit of a subtopic. Here are a few articles that have caught my attention, and made me decide to talk about this subject this week:

1. Browse Articles Visually with WikiMindMap: Lifehacker covers a new offering that “turns complex Wikipedia articles into a visual representations of ideas.” This is great for researching topics, but also “wrapping your head” around the ideas, cognitively.  Yes, I just used the word “cognitively.”

2. To Raise Shopper Satisfaction, Web Merchants Turn to Videos: The New York Times has a really interesting article out that predicts that the future of web commerce starts with something from the TV era: QVC.  The theory is that as people visually learn about the product, they’ll be more inclined to see what, exactly, the value is in the product.  And why not?  With the concept of “screencasts” becoming more and more popular, this makes a ton of sense.

~ by Brad Levinson on July 10, 2007.

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