David Pogue’s Video Review of the iPhone and Why I’m Waiting Until Rev. 2

One of my favorite personalities is David Pogue, the technology writer of the New York Times. He’s clever, witty, funny and insanely brilliant. Notice his site’s layout and how it’s able to act as a home for all of his multimedia creations: weekly columns, blog posts, and his video segments.

This is Pogue’s review of the iPhone, done in his usual, great style.

I’ve been a Mac user all of my life, and I want this phone badly. However, after much, much, MUCH considersation (and loving the concept of the iPhone, and needing a “better way” of phones), Ive decided that I’m going to wait for Rev. 2 (the next version, for my non-techies). Flash memory prices are going down quickly and I want to store ALL of my music on the phone, I want 3G wireless Internet connection (as Pogue says, the cellular network in place is “slow and horrible.”), and I don’t want to be locked into a phone without those features for a year and a half (the time you have to wait until you’re up for an upgrade). Rev. 2 will come sooner, and I’ll be getting the iPhone then. Until then, I’ve got my Blackberry Pearl…which isn’t ideal, but is pretty solid.

~ by Brad Levinson on June 27, 2007.

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