AdAge: Why Write a Timely Article When You Can Be 10 Years Too Late?

Hey guys, have you heard of that whole phenomenon called “blogging?”  You know, where you go to a computer, and you blog?

I hadn’t.  I thank Advertising Age, however, for clearing this whole thing up for me.  All this time, I thought a blog was something that you shout when you’re throwing up.

Did you know, for instance, that “America is going to the blogs”?  And that “every year millions of people create blogs, and even more check in daily to read them”?  And that, according to an analyst with Jupiter Research, blogs are “simply not a passing fad that can be ignored”?  Amazing!

I’m of course, being “Bitter Monday Brad.”  It’s hard to start your week off correctly when you come across things like these.   But why does it agitate me so much?

I’m growing tired of the implication that blogs are less credible, or more antagonistic, or more “risky” than traditional media.  This article perpetuates this argument:

“A few weeks ago, the well-respected tech blog Engadget published reports that Apple’s iPhone and Leopard operating system would be seriously delayed. Apple’s stock price took an immediate dive, dropping some $4 billion in market capitalization before it was discovered that the information came from a fake leaked memo. Apple was not amused, although its stock did level out by the end of that same day.”

Yes, let’s focus on the one time that Engadget’s screwed up, instead of all the times that it’s gotten things correctly, and boosted stock prices.  Or, let’s not talk about how Engadget issued an immediate retraction — which works amazingly well on blogs, because it’s not in hard print, and any updates can be seen right there on the original post.

It’s a big pet peeve of mine, because I see it every day.  “Is this blogger credible?”  “How risky is this?”  “Bloggers are crazy.”  And it’s mindless articles such as this one that perpetuate it.

~ by Brad Levinson on June 4, 2007.

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