Topics for May 24th: Authenticity, Spam-ephones, and Paul McCartney

My apologies for the lack of posts — my immediate boss is currently on vacation, which means I’ve been tasked with nearly of the blog and online conversation requests here at my company. Outreach plans, engagement, audits (or, as I’m now calling them, “community ethnographies”), editing YouTube videos and all. It makes for a very busy Brad.

I’ve had two posts that I’ve been meaning to write up, and I’m going to do just that tonight. One will be a rant about the new Technorati (if you’re one of my Twitter friends, you’ll know how vocal I am about my dislike for it), and one about “virtual handshakes,” inspired by the Personal Democracy Forum that I attended last week.

I’ve been trying to keep up with everything despite this busyness, and here are a few things on my radar today:

1) Authenticity in Social Media: One of the “digital handshake”-inspired posts that I’ve been reading. This one’s by techPresident’s Fred Stutzman, and talks about “online identity.” “Online identity” will also be the subject of my next column for Club Relaford, as I find it to be a very interesting subject.

2) Jangl: Ever get a client or co-worker, who doesn’t understand blogger relations and asks you for the phone number of a blogger? It’s hard not to laugh, but I try to nicely explain that as a rule, we “stick to mediums.” Jangl is a new service that might change that whole concept. According to Download Squad, it’s “a way for users to call anyone online at anytime without knowing their phone number.”

“The service is simple to use, users start by inputing an email address on Jangl’s homepage to get connected. A phone number will be displayed with a private local number for you to call them on. The first call you make will be to a voice mail system that Jangl will deliver to the recipient via email. Once the message is received, the recipient will get a local number to call and connect to you. This all allows for a secure and safe personal number.”

Good thing? Bad thing? Spam thing? We’ll find out soon!

3) Paul McCartney debuts new video exclusively for YouTube: Welcome, Paul, to the digital age. After going from the most cutting-edge band in history to the least cutting-edge band in the digital age, Mr. McCartney has finally arrived with this exclusive YouTube video. 125,000 views in 24 hours. Not bad, no?

~ by Brad Levinson on May 24, 2007.

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