Morning Links for May 1st

Good morning, all!  Many thanks for your patience.  I’m now all moved into my new place, all settled in, the dust has cleared, and I’m back to normal.

With that, some stories I’m looking at this morning:

1. Washington Post continues with “2.0”: We’ve got two instances today of the fabulous WaPost (WshngtnPst, as we call it in 2.0-land) continuing to add web content.  The first is Jeff Jarvis’ announcement that his PrezVid has struck a deal with the paper, where his content will be syndicated onto the WshngtnPst.

The second tip comes from Erin Teeling of the Bivings Report, who’s discovered a new WshngtnPst tool called the “Campaign Tracker.”  the tool reports on scheduled political events for each of the 2008 presidential candidates.  They’ve integrated it with Google Maps, which is fairly cool, but doesn’t tell you very much.  My suggestion: the tool needs a SMS feature — where it alerts you if candidates are in your local area.  It would be amazingly useful, at that point.

2. Bobby Jindal for Governor goes live: Despite all the recent talk about GOPers losing ground on the “political digital divide,” iWeb Strategies and the Bivings Group have put together a fairly impressive early website for Congressman and LA GOV candidate Bobby Jindal.  YouTube, social networking, blog, videos, action center — it’s all there.  Very impressive, and excellent work by the two firms.  It can be done, with the right candidate.

Speaking of the candidate, I couldn’t help but notice that his name is tagged as the author of the blog entries.  The posts are extremely thoughtful and engaging, and also happen to be fairly technical (YouTube embedded, for instance).  If this is the candidate (which I’m inclined to believe), this is a dream client for online GOPers.

UPDATE: Todd Zeigler of the Bivings Group has asked me to make sure that I give another partner firm, Episode 49, credit for their work on the Jindal project.

~ by Brad Levinson on May 1, 2007.

2 Responses to “Morning Links for May 1st”

  1. Thanks for the kind words. Two things:

    (1) Jindal writes his own posts, so you are right.

    (2) Don’t forget our other partner, episode49.


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