Afternoon Links for March 19th

1. What I Learned At The Blogger Ethics Panel: DailyKos’ Adam B. shares his thoughts after he attended a conference sponsored by Campaigns & Elections magazine.  Covered in the discussion are blog trolls, and whether or not buying e-mail addresses from previous campaigns are effective.  All very interesting.

2. Towards a better Digg: TechCrunch gives an essential overview of social news platforms out there, in addition to Digg. Included in the post is this amazing chart, designed to help everyone finally wrap their head around the differences in these (sometimes confusingly-similar) outlets:

3. GarageBand Podcast Tutorial: The Unofficial Apple Weblog talks about a new “podcasting tutorial” screencast for those of us who have macs, but have no idea what kinds of powerful offerings that GarageBand brings to the table. I’d be interested in this, but it’s $30, and therefore, my interest wanes. A good 30 minutes of playing around in GarageBand, and you should be able to figure it out for yourself. However, I’ve begun to fall in love with the idea of screencasts, and I’m going to start experimenting with them here. And I promise, mine will be free.

4. The Blog Screen Size Paradox: Rohit Bhargava discusses the “thin line between using white space to further design, branding and usability, and wasting the space” in his latest entry.

~ by Brad Levinson on March 19, 2007.

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