Morning Links for Mar. 9th

1. Sesame Street Videos on iTunes (link opens iTunes): The Muppet Newsflash points to a new iTunes channel featuring 6 “Learn Along with Sesame” video podcasts. Excellent gift from the Sesame Workshop.


It makes you wonder what kind of cool things can be done when the new Fraggle Rock movie comes out (and yes, Henson fans, I’ve got you covered: Henson Productions is no longer affiliated with Sesame Workshop or the Muppets. I’m just saying, the ‘net would be kind to such an audience).

2. TUAW screencast of NetNewsWire: The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) covers the new pre-beta version (that’s the version in between the alpha and the beta stages, I suppose, which is an inventive way of getting it both ways) of the application that I swear by, NetNewsWire. Not a bad screencast, but it doesn’t give a background for those who are unacquainted with this marvelous little program.

The back story: I bring my MacBook to work with me each and every day, and set it up alongside my work laptop. Nobody knows why I do this, or why I need two computers. Here’s the reason: NetNewsWire’s new “Combined” view:


The idea: Keep scrolling, it’s all there. Find me anything nearly like that on the PC. It just doesn’t exist.

3. Make your own Battlestar Galactica Video: My colleagues at work know about my Trekkie past, so I’m sure the fact that this one interested me will amuse them: TVSquad points to a Battlestar Galactica Videomaker Toolkit. Make your own videos with scenes, sound effects, and music clips.


Interesting concept — it’s been done before, with Paul McCartney’s website offering clips for mashing up and submitting (and plenty of others), but never with video, and never in a “cult fan” sort of way. I think that with this offering, it fits really well with their community. I like that it’s not just “you, do this!”-type of user-generated content, but that the sponsor is also giving up some of its own resources and contributing through these media files.

~ by Brad Levinson on March 9, 2007.

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