Almost-Weekend Links for March 2nd

Four more hours to go, and then the weekend! Hope it’s great for you all! My big plans? Sitting on my couch.

1. Early Presidential Campaigning: 3 Reasons Why It’s a Bad Idea: Interesting one from the Bivings Report — while candidates are pressured to “get in early,” does it affect their overall viability? I agree with most of the points of this article, but I have one question? What other choices does a candidate have?

2. 34 Reasons Why Readers Unsubscribe: A great quote in this one that says that bloggers must “do what you love, put stuff up you’d love to read, and the rest will fall into place.” Couldn’t agree more — “write what you know.”

3. Gnosis: A great new Firefox plug-in. Click a button, and all terms, people, geographies, etc., are highlighted on a web page. Hover over an underlined word, and a dropdown appears containing links to look the term up in Wikipedia, Google or Technorati. All underlined words are also sorted by category on the left side of a browser window, so that there exists a list of all the people and places mentioned on the page. I love this — seriously, if you’re tasked with ever doing blog audits, this is an amazing tool.

4. Lessons in Branded Content Creation Through Community Participation: A great piece on writing successful community content. The “online sociologist” in me squeals in delight.

~ by Brad Levinson on March 2, 2007.

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