Morning Links for Feb. 28th/Overdue Links for Feb. 27th

Good morning, all! My apologies for the lack of posts yesterday — I was writing a column for a new politics-based online magazine to be unveiled by one of my friends in the coming weeks. Details to come soon, and I’m excited to share them as soon as I can — but unlike one of the members of Team Romney, I won’t be leaking anything today.

Without any more delay (there have been plenty today, I know), this morning’s links:

1. Clipmarks: A Highlighter for the Web: TechCrunch has the scoop, and the fancy screenshots. This new online tool “allows you to take just the paragraphs, sentences, or multimedia you want from a page while maintaining a link to the original document.” If only this existed mere months ago, when I was working on my masters thesis. Citations have always been a mess when it comes to online outlets, and doing a thesis on RSS didn’t really help things.

2. Mo Rocca’s Blog: While it’s been around for two weeks (I’m in good company, I suppose!), ex-Daily Show correspondent Mo Rocca has set up a new (and delicious) news blog. Titled “Mo Rocca 180: Only Half as Tedious as the Regular News,” this one is sure to provide us with some great entertainment.

3. Ning: If you’ve ever wanted to create a social network, but didn’t have the tools or skills (or need, really), Ning is the solution. TechCrunch (as always) has the scoop, and the still-fancy screen shots. Free, and easy-to-use, I will be adding this to my “2.0 playbook.” I look forward to the day when I may need to set up a social network, but alas, that need escapes me for now.

4. Experiential Marketing Forum: So, “social media” is out, and “experiential marketing” is in. Because we’ve never truly experienced marketing, until now. And ushering us into this new era is the Experiential Marketing Forum, a brand-new think tank focusing on viral marketing, advergaming, guerrilla marketing, word-of-mouth advertising and stealth marketing. Truth be told, I’m glad that a community has formed, and in the spirit of the Internet, collaboration, openness, and the theory of Wikinomics, I look forward to contributing.

~ by Brad Levinson on February 27, 2007.

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