Morning Links for Feb. 26th

1. Ars Technica: “Citizendium: building a better Wikipedia.” Extremely interesting article about Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger’s new project, Citizendium.

“In September 2006, Sanger issued his manifesto, a document called ‘Toward a Compendium of Knowledge.’ In it, he laid out the ‘serious and endemic problems”‘ that he saw in the Wikipedia model:

  1. The community does not enforce its own rules effectively or consistently
  2. Widespread anonymity has a problem—it’s attractive to people who want to cause trouble, undermine the project, or simply troll
  3. The community has developed an insularity that makes it difficult for people who are not already part of the community to get on board
  4. The ‘arguably dysfunctional community’ is not attractive to traditional experts such as academics
  5. Sanger had hoped that Wikipedia would clean up its act, and he was all but certain that the encyclopedia would eventually put an expert review system in place.'”

2. “Learning from Blackberry’s Social Marketing Mistakes:” Rohit Bhargava takes a look at Blackberry’s recent “Share Your Stories” campaign and discusses four “mistakes” that believes that Blackberry made.

3. iPhonology: TUAW links to a video by, that analyses clues present within Steve’s iPhone keynote.

4. Bittorrent Entertainment Network debuts tomorrow. Engadget and Download Squad have it covered. I look forward to seeing how this one stands up.

5. Wikipatterns: By way of the Wikinomics blog, a set of tools that are designed to “(help) wiki enthusiasts spur people’s effort” to contribute.

~ by Brad Levinson on February 25, 2007.

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