Afternoon Links for Feb. 21st

I hope all of you are finding your “Tuesday-like” Wednesday to be a great one. Mine’s been blog-tastic — so blogtastic, in fact, I bring you the following to make YOURS blogtastic, as well.

1. OMG !!! R U voting in the primaries? ROFLMAO ;-): The horrible headline from an equally-as-bad article. This one covers what I’ll now coin as the “face race”: which candidate has the most MySpace friends? And we wonder, with a headline like that, why people don’t take social media seriously. Still, despite the fact that politicians on Facebook is largely a gimmick (say, the Facebook birthday greeting that I once got from “Evan Bayh”) that means absolutely nothing other than cultural cache, I expect the “face race” stories to play a major part in mainstream media conversations regarding the Internet and politics. It’s going to be TERRIBLEZ!!!!

2. Blockbuster Poaches Netflix Customers: Ogilvy PR’s Rohit Bhargava (who has an excellent blog) weighs in on one of the new choices that we have as Internet consumers: Netflix versus Blockbuster’s new “Total Access Plan.”  If you haven’t heard, Blockbuster is going to the mattresses with Netflix, by allowing users to return online rentals to any Blockbuster store and exchange it for a free movie on-the-spot.  They return your online rental for you, and a new one comes in the mail (even though you may still have the in-store rental — bonus movies!!).

Rohit says that he’s sticking with Netflix, due to their amazing website (which, I agree, it is) and their larger selection.  However, I’m in the other camp here.  I tried Blockbuster Total Access out with a free 14-day trial, and I’ve recently cancelled my Netflix account.  I like having the “right now, in the store, for free” option, and I’ve taken it up quite a few times already.  My pros-cons ratio is just different, I suppose.  I’m willing to trade the website for the in-store rentals.

Now, if only there was a way to mail the in-store rentals back, instead of having to return them…

…Or maybe that’d just encourage my laziness.

~ by Brad Levinson on February 21, 2007.

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  1. […] For the last few weeks, I’ve been talking about cross-media integration as the future for successful campaigns.  I’ve also mentioned this “convergence” issue when it comes to consumer products, namely in my discussion of switching to Blockbuster Total Access. […]

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