Morning Links for Feb. 20th

Good morning, one and all! I hope the long weekend served all of you well, and you’re all well-rested and ready to go. I know I’m not, thanks to a 2:45 a.m. fire alarm. This morning, I bring you links to two of the newest, hippest, awe-inspiring Web 2.0 sites.

1. Swivel: A “place where curious people explore all kinds of data.” It seems to be a website where users upload data, thus creating user-generated comparisons such as charts and graphs. I haven’t looked through the website yet, but all of this sounds delicious to my statistics-hungry palette. I’ll sort through this, and come back with some interesting things that I find. In the meantime, check it out for yourself!

2. myFeedz: if the Web 2.0-style name doesn’t scare you away (if I was able to get past “Stikkit,” I may be able to handle anything), this new offering from Adobe Labs (or Labz?) may have some great potential. Touted as a “social newspaper,” this site tasks itself with performing the holy grail of web news reading: observing your news reading patterns and attempting to recommend news stories to you. Now, if the site was fast enough to actually let me log in and import my RSS feeds, I could tell you how well it actually works. Ah, Web 2.0, how you tease us with your non-actionable potential.

~ by Brad Levinson on February 20, 2007.

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