JetBlue Uses YouTube to “Go Public”

JetBlueRapid response has been a staple of successful crisis communication for quite some time now. Politicians and companies battle deadlines to make sure that their vital quote is incorporated into news articles that may cover the catastrophe.

The Internet has played a role in how rapid response works, and the latest example of this is today’s successful response by JetBlue. After a “series of costly flight cancellations,” Founder and CEO David Needleman and company have posted a YouTube message that also appears on their website.

Now, why was this successful? Rapid response is given all the time, and there’s a quadrillion YouTube clips of people talking into a camera. What makes this stand out and work?

As we know, JetBlue (and the entire travel industry, for that matter) relies on the Internet to provide the majority of their ticket sales. What better way to reach their core audience? Similarly, the fact that this is the CEO of JetBlue, as opposed to a generic, plain “statement for the press” (who really thinks that a published quote from a CEO is really from a CEO these days?) makes it all the more powerful. He talks sincerely, straight into the camera. He expresses true concern. He lets us know that we are worth his time.

What have the results been? High praise, even from the toughest consumers.

~ by Brad Levinson on February 20, 2007.

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  1. […] To announce the Bill of Rights, CEO David Needleman posted a video on YouTube explaining the plan of action (embedded after the jump).  Th YouTube video has been viewed 33,000 times so far.  A nice use of social media I think, although they should have done a better job with the web during the crisis itself.  […]

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